TecTake Professional Car Polisher Sander Polishing Machine 1400 Watt 0-3000rpm + Set 8


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Product Description


Rotation disk in 3 different sizes:

The plates can be bolted directly to the polishing machine.

To the Velcro fasteners skins and sponges can be installed (see both below).

The plates are in 3 different sizes.

180 mm diameter

150 mm diameter

125 mm diameter

5 polishing honeycombed sponges, middle 150mm

This will provide uniform polish application and reduce loss of material by spraying.

Prevents polishing marks of all kinds especially good for dark paints.

1 super soft polishing head:

The skins can be easily installed thanks to the velcro on the rotation plate.

The coat is ideal for large areas.

For a perfect polishing result.

2 polishing sponges with integrated rotation disk 180mm and 150mm:

M14 (soft, 4 cm thick)

ideal for paint cleaning, polishing and wax.

5 polishing pads medium:

This sponge can be easily installed thanks to the velcro on the rotation plate. Ideally suited for paint cleaning,
grinding pastes, polish and wax.

8 polishing sponges soft 180mm:

Particularly well situated for polish and wax.

0-3000 rpm adjustable!
1400 watts. Everything in the picture is included in the price!
Polishing machines set for any smooth surface!
With 180mm, 150mm & 125mm polishing pad
With normal round handle + bar handle


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